Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panels are the main the controlling units of fire detection and alarm systems. Fire Alarm Control Panels receive information from sensors de-signed to detect changes associated with fire so that when preset thresholds are met, alarm devices are activated. BRISTOL Fire Alarm Control Panels are known for its quality and reliability.


  • High and reliable operation performance.
  • Conventional panel series available for 2/4/8/49 detection zones.
  • Fully programmable using simple menu options
  • Up to 25 devices for each zone including detector and manual call point
  • Compatible with wide range of conventional devices
  • Keypad entry to a wide range of engineering functions, including self-test, zone test, zone delay, non-latching zone, evacuation override
  • Manual settable between DAY and Night mode
  • LED indications available for short or open circuit of detection zone, sounder circuit and fire alarm outputs
  • Fault buzzer mute facility
  • Up to four programmable supervised sounder circuits
  • Reserved repeater panel interface for fire alarm indication of multiple zones Three access levels settable via a key switch and internal switch
  • 2-wire system to reduce installation cabling and installer friendly
  • LPCB Approval in compliance with EN54-2 and EN54-4


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