The "Kobra" Attack Trailer

Introducing The “Kobra” Attack Trailer a modular, scalable industrial appliance that can be customized to Fire Services’ specific operational needs. Featuring most of the same components that make up an industrial firefighting pumper, attack trailers provide economical solutions for facilities that have good water supplies but face budget constraints. The modular design concept allows end-users to choose between tag-along trailers or goosenecks and configure the above- deck components out of a wide selection of modules including master streams, cross-lay or hose-reel handlines, bulk foam supplies, dry powder skids, hose and equipment storage as well as utilities like area illumination, working lights and battery pack power banks. Fire Services can also select between flowing water, foam, dry chemical or Hydro-ChemTM.
The “Kobra” can be deployed in up to 20 different configurations. As pictured consist of the following facilities:
  • A fixed Master Stream capable of flowing 5,678 l/min (1,500 gpm) water/foam and 3,785 l/min (1,000 gpm) water/foam/Hydro-chemTM.
  • Two semi-fixed Daspit Tools Master Stream capable of flowing 5,678 l/min (1,500 gpm) water/foam and 3,785 l/min (1,000 gpm) water/foam/Hydro- chemTM. The Daspit Tools can be removed to act as ground monitors.
  • Two 60-meter 38 mm (11⁄2”) water/foam double- jacket cross-lays
  • POne 60-meter 38 mm (11⁄2”) water/foam/Hydro- chemTM double-jacket cross-lay
  • One 60-meter 64 mm (21⁄2”) rich foam solution double-jacket supply line for Daspit Tool Master streams
  • Two 60-metre 152 mm (6”) double-jacket supply lines
  • Around-the-Pump (WATP) jet ratio controller for remote foam proportioning
  • Foam Wand
  • Equipment storage compartments
  • Telescopic mast lights
  • Battery pack
  • Self-defence system
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