High-Volume Industrial Pumper “Al Shallal”

»  Chassis: 6×4 Mercedes-Benz Actros
»  Crew Cab: Full-Tilt extended 4-door cab with seating for 5 crew
»  Body Construction: Full-aluminium super-structure
»  Water Tank Capacity: 2,000 litre Polytank
»  Foam Tank Capacity, 5,000 litre Polytank
»  Pump: NFPA compliant 2,500 gpm midship mounted pump
»  Foam system: Balanced-Pressure foam system
»  Rear and side 6” and 2.5” suction-inlets and discharges
»  Monitor, 6,000 gpm with Hydro-Chem nozzle
»  Two rear mounted monitor 2,000 gpm each
»  Attack capabilities:
Two water-foam 1.5” cross-lays
Two Hydro-Chem cross-lays
One 1.5” dedicated dry chemical attack line
»  A roof mounted hose bed with provision for 6”, 3” and 2.5” hoses
»  225 kg dry chemical extinguishing system
»  The pump controls are top mounted that provides the pump operator with a 360o view of the fireground offering the best situational awareness found on any pumper