Horizontal Split Case

Horizontal Split Case


Bristol Split Case Pump is a single stage, non-self- priming, centrifugal volute pump with radial suction and discharge port. This pump has a horizontal pump shaft with the impeller placed in the middle of the shaft and with self contained combination bearing housing and seal chamber on both sides of the impeller. Without disturbing the motor or pipe-work, the split case construction enables the pump casing to be dis- mantled in the horizontal plane along the drive shaft. Removal and dismantling of the internal pump parts e.g. bearings, wear rings, impeller and shaft seal can then take place.


· In line Pump
· Double Suction
· Low NPSH
· Low axial load on the shaft
· Improved efficiency (Overall higher effi- ciency
· Low radial load on the shaft
· Low axial and radial loads extends wear ring, seal and – bearing life, minimize vibration and provides quit operation
· Easy service bearing and packing gland can be changed without removing the top casing half
· UL File No. EX16089

Performance Range

· Capacity : From 300 GPM up to 3000 GPM
· Head: From50MTRupto209MTR


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