Water/Foam Monitor

Water/Foam Monitor

BRISTOL UL Listed water cum Foam Monitors offer superior durability in Marine, Chemical, Oil and Gas Sector, Ports, Jetties, Onshore and Offshore Platforms. Made out of Stainless Steel, these monitors are fit for optimum performance where corrosion is quite high.

Non-Aspirating Aqua Foam Nozzle capable of Jet and spray movement are very much compatible for Jet-Ratio controller unit without any modification.

Horizontal and vertical movement of the monitor is done by Geared Swivel Joint with the help of hand-wheel.

Jet Ratio Controller Pump is a venturi – type device to feed large volumes of foam from a safe location to a self – inducting nozzle. JRCPs are supplied in conjunction with matched aqua foam nozzles. JRCP body is all SS 304 / 316 construction.


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