Concealed Pendent Sprinklers

Concealed Pendent Sprinklers


The BF003/BF006 Standard/Quick Response Concealed Pendent Sprin- klers (Ref. Figure A) are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. They are “standard/quick response – standard orifice spray sprinkler” intended for use in fire sprinkler systems designed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable Listing or Approval agency (e.g., UL Listing is based on NFPA 13 requirements). The Concealed Pendent Sprinklers all produce a hemispherical water distribution pattern below the deflector.

This model sprinkler includes a Cover Plate Assembly that conceals the sprinkler operating components above the ceiling. The Cover Plate Assembly, which installs onto the Sprinkler/ Mounting Cup Assembly, consists of a Cover Plate that is soldered to an Enclosure at three equi- distant locations around their peripheries. The Ejection Spring is located between the flange of the Enclosure and the Cover Plate, to ensure separation of the two pieces when the solder melts.

A Label located on the Cover Plate Assembly indicates the nominal temperature of the sprinkler and the nominal diameter of the Glass Bulb.

The small Cover Plate is flat with a low profile that blends in with the ceiling for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Standard finishes for the Cover Plate are satin chrome plated and painted white. Other factory applied painted finishes for the Cover Plate is available on special order

The separable two‐piece design of the Cover Plate and Mounting Cup Assemblies allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection system prior to installation of a sus- pended ceiling or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling. The separable design also permits removal of suspended ceiling panels for access to building service equipment, without having to first shut down the fire protection system and remove sprinklers.

Also, the separable two piece design of the BF003 / BF006 Concealed Sprinkler provides for 1/6 inch (4.2mm) of vertical adjustment, to re- duce the accuracy to which the length of fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be cut

For coverage area and sprinkler placement
refer to NFPA13 standards.

Sprinkler Operation

During a fire conditions, the thermal‐sensitive liquid in the glass bulb expands, causing the bulb to shatter, releasing the button and spring seal assembly. Water flowing through the sprinkler ori- fice strikes the sprinkler deflector, forming a uniform spray pattern to extinguish or control the fire.


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