SEHA Abu Dhabi Mobile Blood Donation Bus

  • »  Reception Area with 4 chairs
  • »  Doctor Room: Two nos. small doctor rooms one each side including cabinets/drawers for files storage, doctor chair, small table and one blood donor chair
  • »  Blood Collection area:
    • 4 nos. Bloodmobile Chair (donor chair)
    • 2 nos. of working station between the donor bedsz
    • 4 nos. of Blood Bag Mixer and Bench Tube Sealer for each donor bed
    • Curtain for separating each donor bed for privacy 1 TV for each donor bed
  • »  Refreshment Area:
    • 2 nos. chairs
    • One no. fridge for storing refreshment drinks/ items Four nos. Mobile blood transport case, ice pack.
    • One no. Helmer – Under counter Laboratory Refrigerator
    • Sink with faucet facility (including 200 liter fresh/ waste water tank)
    • All rooms/areas are seperated by curtains (or) doors
    • Flooring in marine grade water proof plywood covered with heavy-duty washable anti-slip vinyl sheet
Blood Donations