Bleed Valve

Bleed Valve

On manifold systems with connected reserves it is necessary to fit bleed valves at the location of the pneumatic actuator of the last slave container of both duty and reserve actuation lines. Also a bleed valve is re- quired to be fitted into the pilot line.

The bleed valve acts to relieve a gradual pressure build-up occurring perhaps as a result of a leaking container valve or check valve. It also provides a means by which pressure trapped in the actuation line may be manually relieved. The bleed valve relieves automatically up to a pressure of approximately 1.5 bar and seals at pressures above this.

Bleed valve is installed in the end of a closed pipeline, normal opened. It is used to eliminate leakage gas due to accumulate in the pipeline, to prevent the system false starts, it will be closed, while inlet pressure up to setting point. After activation press the valve button, release the gas in the pipeline, then valve is reset.


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