Electrical Actuator

Electrical Actuator

The removable Electrical Actuator is located to the top of the container valve. 24 VDC is required for electrical operation. Provision is made for the connection of a manual actuator to the top of the actuator assembly. Due to the design of the bridge rectifier, it will operate regardless of how it is wired up; the positive supply from the control panel can be connected to either terminal 1 or 2 with the reverse for the negative supply.

The Electrical Actuator will operate after receiving a 24 VDC nominal voltage signal from the panel. The actuator will latch in the fire position after the signal terminates. It will require to be manually reset by removing the unit from the valve and inserting (screwing in) the Reset Tool (Part No.811.101.066, see Figure 2.11.2)

A Manual Button is installed on the top of the actuator. In addition to the electrically activated, the actuator can be activated directly by pressing the Manual Button. Before pressing the Button manually, the limit pin at the bottom of the button should be pulled out.


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