Bristol Fire Engineering is a renowned manufacturer of state-of-the-art fire pumps designed to serve a wide spectrum of sectors. Bristol fire pumps play a crucial role in firefighting systems by providing reliable and efficient water supply for fire suppression. Here are some key features and benefits of Bristol fire pumps:

Fire Rated Doors

At Bristol Fire Engineering, we understand that fire safety is non-negotiable. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of certified and approved Fire Rated Doors, providing an utmost protection and peace of mind. Our Fire Rated Doors come in various materials, including Honeycomb, Rockwool, and Glazed options, all designed to meet stringent industry standards.

Our Fire Rated Door Selection:

  • Honeycomb Fire Rated Doors: Engineered with precision, our Honeycomb Fire Rated Doors are not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. These doors consist of a honeycomb core, which enhances their fire-resistant properties. They are ideal for a wide range of applications, offering a reliable barrier against flames and smoke.
  • Rockwool Fire Rated Doors: Our Rockwool Fire Rated Doors are constructed with a special insulation core made of mineral wool. This core material not only provides exceptional fire resistance but also offers superb thermal insulation properties. These doors are perfect for areas where both fire protection and energy efficiency are critical.
  • Glazed Fire Rated Doors: If you require fire protection without sacrificing visibility, our Glazed Fire Rated Doors are the ideal choice. These doors feature fire-resistant glass panels, allowing natural light to flow while maintaining fire safety. They are suitable for applications where aesthetics and safety go hand in hand.

Why Choose Bristol ‘s Fire Rated Doors:

  • Certified Quality: Our Fire Rated Doors are rigorously tested and certified to meet and exceed industry safety standards. You can trust in their performance during critical situations.
  • Expert Guidance: With our wealth of experience, our experts can assist you in selecting the right Fire Rated Door that suits your specific needs, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.
  • Custom Solutions: We offer customization options to meet your unique requirements, including size, design, and finish, ensuring your Fire Rated Door seamlessly integrates with your space.
  • Accredited Products: Our Fire Rated Doors are accredited by relevant authorities, providing you with the confidence that you are investing in top-quality fire safety solutions.
    Peace of Mind: Bristol Fire Engineering’s commitment to your safety is unwavering. Our Fire Rated Doors are designed to protect lives and property, giving you peace of mind in any fire emergency.


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