• To be maximum 24″ x 24″ with fusible link only at the lower portion of the doors.
  • Appplication
  • Allowed to be used in fire rated honeycomb infill and Rockwool infill.
  • Fire Rated Steel Louver should be installed below 1000 mm height from the floor level in the bottom half of the door leaf, minimum distance of the louver cut out from the door edges / as per our approval.
  • Louver cut out – 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel C- Channel should be used around the steel louver for the reinforcement.
  • Louver Frame and Beading – 1.2 mm Galvanized Steel.
  • Frame is welded to the door leaf and beading is fixed using M4
    x 12 mm self- tapping screws, 3 nos. on each sides.
  • Louver blade – 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel blades are used.


Louver provides free passages of air and sufficient light. It provides protection against excessive daylight and glare inside buildings without in any way affecting ventilation to create maximum air flow in and out.


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