Addressable Single Input/Output Module

Addressable Single Input/Output Module

The IM-8413 Addressable Dual Input/output Module is characterized as two inputs or outputs volt free relay and control module. The unit is normally used for overriding equipment such as lift return, door holder, smoke extract fans, air handling unit, auto dialler to fire brigade, BMS and etc. The unit has built-in feedback signal feature, according to the pre-configured interface module command fire scenario, the alarm controller send out start command to the equipment required to start. After receiving the command, output module enables its relay to change state. Once the module is under control and operated a confirmation signal will be sending back to the alarm controller. In addition, the unit incorporates an intelligent processor that provides automatic monitoring for both open and short circuit of the input signal line.


  • EN54-18 Compliance
  • Built-in MCU processor and digital addressing
  • 24Vdc/3A Output relay contact and Control module
  • Input Fire or Supervisory signal configuration
  • Dis/Enable Input and output cable monitored
  • LED status indicator
  • Onsite Adjustable Parameter
  • Loop or external power input
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Surface mounting with fix base for simple installation


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