Intelligent Addressable Optical Smoke Detector

Intelligent Addressable Optical Smoke Detector

Detectors are equipment designed to monitor presence of fire which is manifested by heat and smoke. Heat detectors can be classified as fixed-temperature, rising-heat or combination of both while smoke detectors work either by optical detection or by ionization. BRISTOL Detectors are designed with great regard to quality and com- ply to international and local standards.

Intelligent Addressable Optical Smoke
The IGN-7401 Intelligent Addressable Optical Smoke Detector is the ideal device for most applications, due to its spiffing linear response to a wide variety of different types of smoke patterns. The unit manu- factured the sensitivity requirement of EN 54 part 7, European Standard. The unit is aesthetically pleasing with unobtrusive design that will com- plement modern building designs. The unit incorporates an intelligent processor that provides Algorithm map, inbuilt A/D converter, Drift compensation, Self-Diagnosis and History log.


  • LPCB Approved
  • Using microprocessor technology with a memory capacity up to 10 events
  • Analog sending and digital addressing
  • Provide real-time algorithm to the control panel
  • Smart linear drift compensation
  • Onsite adjustable parameter
  • 360-degree visual indicator
  • Removable chamber against dust and small insect  Ancillary remote indicator output
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


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