Addressable Zone Monitor Module

Addressable Zone Monitor Module

IM 8411
IM-8411 Addressable Zone Monitor unit is an addressable interface module, which will integrate conventional detectors or conventional manual call points to addressable system. When any of the connected devices alarms are active, the unit can send the alarm message to fire alarm controller, which generates alarm signal and displays its address. The unit can match with the conventional optical smoke detector, conventional rate of rise and fixed temperature detector and conventional manual call point etc. It has the function of checking short or open circuit of the output connection, by the End of Line Resistor (EOLR). The fault massage includes open circuit, short circuit or any removal of the detectors.


  • EN54-18 Compliance
  • Built-in MCU processor and digital addressing
  • Intelligent self-diagnosis of open circuit
  • Enhanced capacity of interference resistance by using multilevel wave filtering process
  • LED status indicator
  • Onsite Adjustable Parameter
  • Loop and external power input
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Parallel connecting up to 16 conventional detector
  • Unit mounting with fix base for simple installation


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