Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

The IGN comprise of a range of analogue addressable, micropro- cessor based fire alarm control equipment to offer flexibility in both design and operation. The System is modular concept for easy tailoring of system design, to meet the full requirements of the project.The IGN Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of BS EN54 Part 2&4.

The IGN is designed to provide early warning fire detection, to quickly identi- fy the location of fire and provide user definable text informing the occu- pants of the building of potential smoke spread. Simultaneously, the IGN will alert and evacuate the occupants, and control all necessary auxiliary com- mand functions such as elevator control, air handling shut down, gas shut off & damper control, as per the cause and effects requirements configured though Command Builder Set-up.


  • Auto Enrolling of Devices
  • Loop Mapping with color coding status
  • Monitor device mismatch and dual address conflict
  • Command Builder to create requirements for fire event scenario
  • With Loop protection against power surge
  • One-man test with On/Off sounder Program- ming Protection


  • Certified EN54-2:1997 +A1:2006, EN54-4:1997 + A1:2002 + A2:2006
    LPCB Approved
  • Using advance microprocessor technology with Large memory capacity
  • Enhance user interface combining LCD Touch screen and keypad access
  • Support real time visual algorithm
  • Enhance false alarm prevention
  • Keypad and PC programming
  • Support Multiple interface protocol such as USB/Ethernet/Can Bus/Serial/RS485/Fiber Optic
  • Support Loop Powered devices for extra saving on cable cost
  • Built-In Printer and 160 LED Zones Indicators


  • Up to 4 loop (6 loop standalone)
  • Support 254 Devices (1,524 ideal)
  • Network up to 512 Node
  • Programmable Capacity
  • Zones up to 3000
  • Sounders Groups 1-1000
  • Other Groups 1001-2000
  • Built-in 160 LED Zones Indicator


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