Addressable Sounder Strobe

Addressable Sounder Strobe

The Addressable Sounder & Strobe are alarm warning device used to notify per- sons in the vicinity of the occurrence fire emergency in order the person to take appropriate measures. The unit adopt multi-application device starting from the types, parameters and wiring layout in single unit. The AVI-6401 can change into different alarm warning types such as sounder-strobe type, sounder type or strobe type using programming tool. In addition, parameters can be configured accord- ing to the requirement which include alarm tone from 17 different tones, single address or dual address mode and also setting of power mode to low current consumption in a simple programming.


  • EN54-3:2001 + A1:2002 + A2:2006 Compliance
  • Built-in MCU processor and digital addressing
  • 17 tones Programmable soundoutput
  • Programmable types such as Sounder-Strobe, Sounder or Strobe alone
  • Programmable Evacuateor Pre-alarm/Evacuate signal
  • Low and normal consumption mode
  • One or Two addresses mode
  • 10 Highlights LED status cluster
  • Onsite Adjustable Parameters
  • Loop or external power input
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Universal mounting with fix base for simple installation


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